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Introvert In Product is on a mission to empower introverts and anyone who desires to break into or succeed in product management, regardless the background. Created by an introverted and experienced product leader who’s “been there himself” and went through the process to transition, grow, and continuously learn.

My readers say:

“Your blog 'introvert in product' immediately caught my attention. I couldn't stop reading all your blog posts and recall that I'm an introvert too”

“I really really really like the way you categorize these articles and how you breakdown each topic into thinking steps and action“

“Your career journey and purpose to give back to the underprivileged is very inspiring“

“I'm really enjoying reading your articles re: Introvert in Product and your experiences breaking in and advice for new PMs”

“As a software engineer myself who dreams to tread on a similar path, it was amazing to read a first hand account of the journey”

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Product management experience and tips for introverts or anyone who desires to break into and succeed in product


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